Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Free Art Show Mailing List Printable

Free Art Show Mailing List

     I have been selling my Artwork for ten years now off and on, at indoor and outdoor events. One would think that by now I would have one killer mailing list, but I don't! I have never been good with marketing and every year I say I'm going to get better... but I never do. With this summer season approaching, I am ready to take my business to the next step. I have searched etsy and pintrest for way too many hours and I have found many great free printable's but nothing that fit exactly what I needed. So here it is, I made it myself! It lacks all the adorable lettering and decals but it is clean, simple, and direct. Exactly what I was I need of. I ask for the first name of my customers so that I can address them personally when I email. It drives me crazy when working with clients on etsy and they have some crazy email that doesn't allow me to figure out their name. Please feel free to use this FREE PRINTABLE for your fine art and craft shows.