Monday, April 25, 2016

My Week Through My Lens... 4/18/16 - 4/24/16

Through my lens... 4/18/16 - 4/24/16

Dried Hydrangea
Spring Cleaning has been underway for some time now, but this past weekend I tackled the long process of trimming our hydrangeas. We have nine mature bushes that always intimidate me this time of year, but after the first few, it gets easier to cut them back. I tend to be liberal with the first few, because I feel as though I'm cutting them back incorrectly. However, by the end I usually go back to the first few and cut them back a-little more.
Captured with my iPhone6

Forsythia Bokeh
Forsythia is one of my favorite blooms this time of year. I love to look at this Forsythia bush we recently transplanted from my kitchen window. I captured this right before sunset, the sun just barrels down my side yard and illuminates everything so strongly. It enhances the strength of the color even more, of the yellow flowers to creative this rich golden glow.
Captured with my Canon  DSLR 50mm

Mikey's eye
I recently started participating in challenges on Instagram. On Wednesday I came across one calling for black and white portraits. I figured I should give it a try. To my amazement Michael actually stood still for a moment and let me get this shot with my iPhone! Better yet, his portrait was actually selected and featured!
Captured with my iphone6

I received a request form a customer this week asking if I had any shots of the Montauk lighthouse in Black and White, and I quickly remembered this one. Most people don't recognize this as the Montauk lighthouse because they are used to seeing the accessory buildings as well. When I explained that this was taken from the north side, he knew exactly what it was and from what angle it was captured! He then told me that was where they got engaged! How sweet!!!
Captured with my Canon DSLR 18-55mm

Two years ago I was traveling to the North Fork on a regular basis for work. I drove past this beach a few times and alway wanted to go back. Then one day while with my younger son, we had extra time so we headed over there and walked the beach. Its was a damp cold winter day, with no wind, so we found it to be absolutely perfect, after a long cold winter. We had a great afternoon together on the beach. One I will Never forget.
Here are two more form that afternoon.
I am happy to report, that he still holds my hand when we walk together.
Captured with my Canon DSLR Tamron 19-35mm lens

This is one of the many still life photographs that I have taken on the windowsill above my kitchen sink. I have old windows with the storm windows attached as well. Fortunately for me, not cleaning all four sides of the windows works out beautifully for the background in my still life flower photographs.
Captured with my Canon DSLR 18-55mm lens

Driving Osborn Ave
Here is a snapshot, while headed 
 north on Osborn Ave in Riverhead New York. I was on my was to my first outdoor art show of the season at the North Shore Horse Rescue. It actually turned out to be a beautiful day!
Captured with my iphone6

Some of the my best experiences while participating in these outdoor art shows, are when you get a chance to walk around and explore. After you have unloaded your car and you have everything mostly set to go, you go for a-little walk and find some of the most beautiful hidden places. This is Cisco, he lives at the North Shore Horse Rescue.
Captured with my iphone6

I just love Poppy's so much! I couldn't resist stealing this shot of another vendors product for sale. They were so beautifully displayed!
Captured with my iPhone6