Monday, May 2, 2016

My Week Through my lens... 4/25/16 - 5/1/16

Through my lens... 4/25/16 - 5/1/16

"Dumpster Time"
 Driving around the hamptons you almost start to think that dumpsters and portable bathrooms are part of the natural landscape... If only the portable bathrooms could be this stunning.
Named after a line in one of my son's favorite books.
Captured with my iphone6

Pushed Sunflower
This happens to be a very old image of mine. I shot this on film and "pushed" it in the darkroom. This image still today is one of my personal favorites as well as many of my customers. This sunflower image has a special combination of calm and contrast.
Captured with my old Canon slr

Spring Break has officially come and gone now, with the boys returning to school today. We had a very busy week with family. I shot this while waiting for my grandparents to arrive in Mcarthur airport on Tuesday to visit for the week. We were standing there waiting, and looked up. I didn't realize how interesting the ceiling was! 
Captured with my iphone6

I just can't resist getting more images of Daffodils! It must be that spring is finally here and we are all so happy to be outside with the sun on our faces. Or maybe it is the way the sun shines through the soft pedals of the daffodils and just illuminates the gardens? They always make me smile.
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This past week with did manage to get together with some friends. I snapped this picture while she was walking the horse. This may have been the best day we had, weather wise. The sun was out and it felt like spring was finally here.
Captured with my Canon dslr 50mm 1.4

While visiting, my grandparents have been staying at my aunts house. So I have been visiting a lot. My aunts house is a very special place with beautiful gardens. I quickly noticed these little flowers right by the driveway before my son stepped on them. I learned they are called checker flowers. They are very interesting little plants.
Captured with my iphone6

This is another shot of the dumpster from last Sunday. The afternoon sun was strong and coming through all the trees in the woods. It made for very dramatic lighting. I wish I had the time to get a full side shot. The patina of the metal, mixed with the natural light was just stunning.
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What can I say, I just love poppy's. I had bough one for my husband a few years ago, but it didn't do well where we put it. The hydrangeas over crowded it I believe, I think we even tried to transfer it, but it didn't make it. I think I will have to buy some more and try again in our new garden, so next spring I can get some more shots like this.
Captured with my iphone6