Tuesday, April 19, 2016

My Week Through My Lens... 4/11/16 - 4/17/16

This week Through My Lens
April 11, 2016 - April 17, 2016

My Favorite Tree in Southampton Village that I capture on a regular basis, looked just as I had felt at that moment... Tired, Dark, Frustrated, Gloomy, and ready for spring to finally arrive...
Captured with my iphone6

I photographed this swan while out on a hike with my son and his Tiger Scout Den at Morton Wildlife Refuge, off Noyac Road in Southampton. We Assumed this was a male because we could see another swan on the other side of the pond on a nest. He was definitely letting us know not to get any closer.
Captured with my Canon DSLR, 85mm f/1.8 lens

While going through my basement my husband and I came across this old milk jug from the Local Dairy Farm, Prospect Dairy in Southampton Village, Long Island NY. What a great find to treasure and remember how the Hamptons used to be...
Captured with my iPhone6

This Image I took a few years back when I first stated selling my recycled Long Island tote bags. For A Maker who sells products for a living, I still have a lot to learn about product Photography! I had no idea how to capture a bag... I haven't re-shot because I am still so intimidated by it. Any Suggestions?
Captured with my Canon Dslr

I Captured this Orange Flower many years ago at The Lobster Inn in Southampton, Long Island NY. I used to love walking the property and taking pictures of all of the flowers, It was always so beautiful. I loved this one especially because it literally looked as though it was floating in the air...
Captured with my old school Canon Slr

I just had to stop and get a quick shot of this door while shopping with my son at the toy store in Greenport. I just love old doors and the stories they tell.
Captured with my iphone6

When you live on an Island it is very hard not to smile as you drive through the towns and see how people decorate with old buoys that have washed up and been found. It becomes a treasure hunt for some, to see where theirs have ended up... 
Captured with my iphone6

Brick Carrier
As you can clearly see I just love antiques and texture. This Sunday as my husband and I were loading the truck with bricks he was probably wondering why every time he turned around I constantly had my cell phone out... I just can resist getting these really high contrast rough images. I thought it made for an excellent self-portrait.
Captured with my iphone6

Here is another shot from Sunday, another truckload of concrete decorative blocks, saved from the crusher...
Captured with my iphone6